Le Premier Royaume
Spectacle immersif

Le Premier Royaume

Follow Clovis, the first King of the Franks, through a breath-taking, immersive world!
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May offend the sensibilities of young audiences
3 twice awarded

In the fifth century, during the fall of the Roman Empire, ravaged by Attila the Hun’s hordes, visitors will follow Clovis, King of the Franks! Throughout his conquests, discover the doubts of this great strategist, torn between the ancestral traditions of his people and the new path opening up to him to found the First Kingdom! You’ll experience his epic battle from the inside, with scenes of battle, incredible encounters with creatures from Norse mythology and an extraordinary voyage into the depths of the earth, to the hall of the slain, Valhalla.

An original journey into the history of France

An immersive experience of the origins of France! You’ll begin your journey down a cobbled street, in the sanctuary of King Childeric, Clovis’ father. Your experience will then take you into the studious atmosphere of the scriptorium where you’ll discover the childhood of the King of Franks, then onto an impressive forge where the weapons and armour for Clovis’ soldiers were made. Between history and legend, you’ll then be transported to the battlefields, up to the Vase of Soissons incident, then to the chalk caverns where you’ll attend the famous baptism ceremony that marked Clovis’ reign.

This dreamlike experience is full of technological innovation

When you enter “Le Premier Royaume”, you’ll be plunged into a highly realistic set, for a unique experience that will awaken all the senses. Effects with water, lifelike decoration, 3D video mapping, 360° sound and scents, every last detail makes this show unique, and will take you into the most spectacular atmosphere!

Best show of the year 2019

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