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Campsites near Puy du Fou

Are you planning your time-travelling trip to our park and looking for a campsite near Puy du Fou? Make the most of our partnerships with nearby campsites to spend more time with us!

Stay at a campsite at Puy du Fou

After a day packed with thrills and amazing shows, spend a comfortable night at one of our partner campsites near Puy du Fou. All our visitors can take advantage of these accommodation options to spend more time with us and make the most of their visit. Looking for a campsite in Les Epesses, Chambretaud, Chauché, Mouchamps or Longeville sur Mer? Discover our list of 8 campsites in Vendée, around Puy du Fou, all with star ratings



Camping Puy du Fou

Campsites around Puy du Fou (within 30 minutes)

Enjoy peace of mind by staying at a campsite in the immediate vicinity of Puy du Fou. These camping areas less than 30 minutes away from us will offer you all the comfort you need, whether you're in a tent, motorhome or mobile home.


Camping au bois de CE

Camping Au Bois du Cé – Chambretaud 4*

Located around 4 min from Puy du Fou, in a green, hilly setting, this campsite has mobile homes for up to 6 people on the site of a former station.


Camping La Bretêche – Les Epesses 4*


Located about 5 minutes from the Puy du Fou, La Bretêche offers comfortable mobile homes and lodges for up to 8 people in a preserved and wooded setting.


Camping La Brèche
Camping Le Hameau du petit Lay

Camping Le Hameau du Petit Lay – Mouchamps 3*

Located around 20 min from Puy du Fou at the heart of the Bocage Vendéen countryside, this campsite offers mobile homes for up to 6 people in a green and family-friendly environment.


Domaine Mélusine - Les Epesses 4*

Located just 2 minutes (about 3 km) from Puy du Fou, Domaine Mélusine offers spacious, comfortable chalets for up to 7 people in a green setting of more than 10 hectares.

Domaine Mélusine - Les Epesses 4*
Camping du Rouge Gorge - Saint Laurent sur Sèvre 4*

Located about 12 minutes from Puy du Fou, it has resources both for the beauty of its landscapes and for the richness of its architectural heritage. Le Rouge Gorge offers spacious mobile homes for up to 8 people, 300 m from the lake and 1000 m from the "Sèvre Nantaise" river.

Camping near Puy du Fou

Countryside and seaside campsites near Puy du Fou (over 30 minutes away)

Get even more from your trip by choosing a campsite near the ocean or in our green countryside. That way, after your visit to Puy du Fou, you can unwind on Vendée's beaches or take a stroll in the forest.


Domaine de l’Oiselière – Chauché 4*

Located around 40 min from Puy du Fou, this estate offers spacious Cottages for up to 7 people, set in 7 hectares of leafy grounds.


Domaine de l'Oiselière
Camping Le Petit Rocher

Camping Le Petit Rocher – Longeville sur Mer 4*

Located around 1h from Puy du Fou, at the heart of a national forest, Le Petit Rocher offers spacious mobile homes for up to 8 people, 150m from a sandy beach.

Camping Bel Air – L’Aiguillon sur Mer 4*

Located around 1h10 from Puy du Fou (106 km), Camping Bel Air offers spacious mobile homes for up to 8 people, just 1.8 km from the beach.

Camping Le Bel Air
La Cité Nocturne

La Cité Nocturne at Puy du Fou: The alternative to camping for the ultimate Puy du Fou experience

Themed hotels, partner campsites, luxurious accommodation: spend more time with us by booking your all-inclusive stay at Puy du Fou! If you haven't found what you're looking for among our partner campsites, try one of our 6 themed hotels for a time-travelling overnight stay with family or friends. Pick your century and stay in one of 500 guest rooms at our Cité Nocturne, at the heart of Ancient Rome, behind the Citadel ramparts or in the court of the Sun King!

Puy du Fou also has a list of over 30 selected accommodation providers nearby, from budget hotel to 5-star château. You'll be spoilt for choice!

Book your stay at Puy du Fou now!

To benefit from the best rates and secure a place at a campsite near Puy du Fou, we recommend booking ahead. For an unforgettable Puy du Fou experience, it's best to stay for 2 or 3 days.
That way you'll have time to attend all the shows and experience all the immersive activities, and can enjoy a restorative night's sleep in the accommodation of your choice. Book ahead and experience Puy du Fou from €71!


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