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Through its shows and with the utmost respect for animals, Puy du Fou celebrates the age-old bond between humans and animals.

Animal welfare is a priority for Puy du Fou, which is committed to caring for all its animals by tailoring its practices to their specific needs, from birth and throughout their life at Puy du Fou, on stage and off.

To guarantee animal welfare, Puy du Fou is committed to:

1-  Monitoring each animal individually and ensuring that every Talent working with animals knows each animal personally in order to provide care adapted to its species, physiology, activity, character and behaviour.



2-  Caring for its animals from birth, through all stages of their life and in their retirement.

horse welfare
chicks care

3-  Creating appropriate and comfortable living spaces conducive to the animal's well-being and rest.  



4-  Offering individually tailored, high-quality food suited to the body type and activity of each animal.

5-  Ensuring transparent daily medical monitoring by several independent veterinary practices with the support of Puy du Fou's specially trained caretaker teams.



6-  Guaranteeing the complete traceability of all medical procedures performed on its animals and all use of veterinary products.

horse care
well being birds

7-  Training all its Talents in animal welfare, while restricting physical contact with animals to Talents who have specialist training, in order to guarantee professionalism in the treatment and care of animals.



8-  Providing all Talents with a phone number and e-mail address so that witnesses to any acts of cruelty can report them to Puy du Fou's management directly and anonymously.

9-  Heavily penalising any act of animal abuse that is brought to its  knowledge.



10-  Providing human, material or financial support to associations for the preservation of rare or endangered animal species in France and throughout the world.

donkey tenderness

In order to increase visitors' awareness of animal welfare, the Puy du Fou offers educational and discovery workshops in conjunction with the Equestrian Academy and the Academy of Falconry.


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