Plan your visit to Puy du Fou

Plan your visit to Puy du Fou

When is the best time to come to Puy du Fou?

venir au puy du fou

Any time is a good time to come to the Puy du Fou! Each month has its own specificity, and it's up to you to choose the right period to make the most of your visit and live the Puy du Fou experience as you wish.


  • The first months of the season, April and May, are perfect for nature-lovers! The sun comes back and the temperature starts to rise.

The weather is increasingly pleasant, usually sunny and mild (despite a few showers).

This is when « Val de la Marienne » and « La Roseraie de Ronsard » are at their most colourful. A wander along the paths of the park in spring is a real breath of fresh air! Mornings can still be chilly, but in the afternoon, it's not uncommon for temperatures to reach 16°C (April) and 20°C (May). Perfect for a leisurely stroll!


  • The summer period (June, July and August) is definitely the most popular. The days are longer and the temperatures climb up to 30°C (or even higher sometimes).

Rain is very unlikely to disrupt your schedule. This is also why summer is the period when we attract the most visitors. 

It's simply the ideal time of year to alternate between outdoor shows and refreshing immersive experiences indoors! Make sure you bring sunscreen, caps and bottles of water, so you can safely enjoy the heat on the grandstands at some of the outdoor shows. At the end of the day, you'll find the sunsets are simply magnificent if you take the time to stop for a while on the path to the Gallo-Roman Stadium, in our period villages or at the edge of our ancient forest.


  • And for those of you who prefer a more peaceful experience, the months of September, October or November will be the ideal alternative times to explore Puy du Fou serenely!

After the busy season is over, enjoy the calm atmosphere and the autumnal colours along the parks' paths. The temperatures start to cool down and the sun is less constant but Puy du Fou is lovely in autumn, with an Indian summer enhanced by an unspoilt natural environment.

Who to come to Puy du Fou with?

Here we are! After thinking about discovering Puy du Fou for a long time, you've finally decided to arrange your trip to our park. With friends, with family or as a couple, discover our tips to help you plan your visit.