Le Labyrinthe des Animaux

Le Labyrinthe des Animaux

Lose yourself in the surprising plant maze that the whole family will enjoy!
En famille
Pour les enfants

This pretty plant maze has many surprises in store for those who get lost in it! Will you be able to find your way out without getting lost? If you suddenly take a wrong turn, the statues turn into mischievous animals that spray water at unsuspecting visitors! On the edge of the lake, a pleasant and refreshing moment for the whole family, in a protected natural environment.

A natural spot especially for the children

Right at the heart of Puy du Fou, between the “Le Secret de la Lance”, “Les Amoureux de Verdun” and “Le Dernier Panache”, come and explore this world especially dedicated to our youngest visitors! This area is on the shores of the lake, and thanks to the made-to-measure wooden structures, it blends perfectly into the natural environment. Our teams of gardeners work hard every day on the upkeep of this unique place surrounded by nature. There are a multitude of plants blooming here, making it the perfect place for some fresh air!

Fun activities, full of surprises

Close to the “Labyrinth des Animaux”, venture into the “Le Monde Imaginaire de La Fontaine”, “Le Repaire des Enfants” or the “Les Jets Sauteurs”: a whole world full of surprises, discoveries, fun and games for children awaits you!

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