La Roseraie de Ronsard

La Roseraie de Ronsard

Venture into the Roseraie de Ronsard (Rose Garden) and enjoy the scents and colours of the hundreds of flowers there!
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Close to the “Le Secret de la Lance” show, take a stroll through our Roseraie de Ronsard. Treat yourself to a break and a pleasant walk through a huge rose garden with over 5,000 rose plants, from around a hundred different species. Our teams of gardeners and landscapers work hard every day to conserve, plant, maintain and prune all these exceptional plants. Admire their work as you stroll through the garden, and discover some roses that you’ve probably never seen before!

Nature in abundance

60 hectares of preserved nature, and 25 kilometres of footpaths to wander through the forest, Puy du Fou is set in a lush-green estate! As well as the “Roseraie de Ronsard”, there are other natural places around the park: the “Val de la Marienne” with exotic plants and refreshing waterfalls, “La Grande Prée” with endangered farm animals, the vegetable patches in our period villages, and much more. All these preserved natural areas make Puy du Fou a green destination located in the midst of the bocage of the Vendée region of France!

Right next to a world just for the little ones

While you’re enjoying this pleasant walk, your children could be having the time of their lives in their own special world, right next to the Roseraie de Ronsard! They too will have their own little treat at “Le Repaire des Enfants”, “Les Jets Sauteurs”, “Le Monde Imaginaire de La Fontaine” or “Le Labyrinthe des Animaux”.

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