Le Grand Carillon 02

Le Grand Carillon

When the monumental clock of Chasseloup chimes, the bells ring out with some famous melodies!
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In the middle of Chasseloup is a huge 16-metre-high carillon. Several times a day, for each performance, the 70 bells of this original and spectacular architecture spring to life. You will witness a surprising musical show, that lasts around twelve minutes! As well as the impressive music from the bells, 2 circus performers fly through the sky around the impressive structure, to the rhythm of famous popular melodies of the 18th century, re-orchestrated by Puy du Fou. Enjoy some original musical entertainment as a family!

A real open-air concert

The Grand Carillon show takes place several times a day, at the heart of Chasseloup. To really take you on a journey, the teams at Puy du Fou have worked with the very best specialists and have recreated an authentic village from the Age of Enlightenment: stone buildings, flowery streets, vegetable patch and craftspeople showcasing their unique talent. The big clock blends perfectly into this setting, thanks to the carefully chosen materials and a made-to-measure structure. Enjoy this real open-air concerto of bells!

Impressive stunts

At the heart of Chasseloup, between the traditional crafts workshops and the picturesque streets, the 16-metre-high Grand Carillon towers over the square. During the show, our circus performers fly through the sky, performing dangerous stunts, several metres from the ground! They each had to train for several months before taking part in this performance.

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