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Le groupe du Puy du Fou

Our group

Since 1977, the Puy du Fou has been pursuing a strategy of developing its activities, reflecting its expertise and vitality. Twice elected "Best Park in the World" in March 2012 in Los Angeles (Thea Classic Award) and in November 2014 in Orlando (Applause Award). Today, it is the 2nd largest theme park in France with 2,300,000 visitors in 2019.

Un modèle unique au Puy du Fou


Puy du Fou is a group of companies principally consisting of a non-profit organisation and a simplified limited company (Société par Actions Simplifiées - SAS), both under French law. The non-profit organisation organises the Cinéscénie and owns the SAS that manages the Puy du Fou (60 evening and daytime shows, 4 period villages, 25 restaurants and 6 themed hotels). This model is one of the Puy du Fou’s main strengths, thanks to the combined activity of 4,000 volunteers (the 28 evenings of Cinéscénie) and over 2,200 permanent and seasonal employees at the Puy du Fou.

Both entities ensure their future by funding the Puy du Fou Académie  - a primary school specialising the the arts, which was founded in 2015. They also fund the Académie Junior. This a centre for arts training was founded in 1998 and now trains more than 600 young people in performing arts and theatre technology disciplines each year.

Since 2010, Puy du Fou has exported its artistic expertise worldwide, helping to create theme parks and shows inspired by its French model. Today, Puy du Fou International has projects in progress all over the world and two shows have already been produced in Great Britain and the Netherlands.

Pas un centime d'argent


Since its creation in 1977, Puy du Fou has had no shareholders and has not received a penny of public funding. This adventure remains, as it has always been, a private undertaking that is 100% self-financing. One of the reasons for Puy du Fou®’s success, is undoubtedly its continuous investment strategy.

Each year, 100 % of the profits are reinvested in the park. With more than 2.3 million visitors, Puy du Fou is the 2nd largest theme park in France (behind Disneyland Paris).

Un poumon économique


Puy du Fou has invested 500 million euros in its development over the last 40 years. Ninety-five per cent of this work has been undertaken by French companies, the majority of which are local. More generally, Puy du Fou has facilitated impressive economic growth in the region's tourist industry.

According to a study by the firm ProTourisme undertaken in January 2014, the economic impact of Puy du Fou’s activities on the region is estimated at 277 million euros per year and 4700 jobs have been created. It is a real economic powerhouse!

Nos écoles au Puy du Fou


Puy du Fou’s success - and its unique model - are based on passion, experience and a belief in passing on its expertise. That is why Puy du Fou created its own technical and artistic training schools in 1998.

The Junior Academy now covers 33 disciplines including drama, dance, drawing, illumination, scenery and prop design, riding, equestrian vaulting, photography, videography, theatre technology, animal husbandry, and flamenco, among others.

More than 600 young people receive training each year.They form a fantastic talent pool, from which Puy du Fou's artists and technicians of the future are gradually drawn.

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