Mousquetaire de Richelieu

Mousquetaire de Richelieu

Experience an exciting Roman swashbuckling adventure, with sword fights, flamenco dancing and equestrian feats!
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Set in a monumental 17th century theatre, the “Mousquetaire de Richelieu” show will transport you back in time for an astonishing swashbuckling adventure, where you won’t want to blink, even for a second. Upon request from the Cardinal Richelieu, the famous Corneille presents the play “Le Cid” at Puy du Fou. The play has barely started when it is interrupted by the intrusion of Spadassins, come to capture the main actress: Sérafina. Fortunately, Bouton d’Or is hiding in the room and will step in to save his damsel. In the 17th Century, come and escape into a dazzling world. Follow the twists and turns in this impossible love story between the gorgeous Sérafina, and orphan Bouton d’Or, with sword fights, flamenco dancing and equestrian parades.

A moving and exciting story

It’s a clever blend of sword fights, poetic speeches, flamenco dancing and equestrian feats. This show has some intense staging, combined with incredible special effects! Water and light effects, gigantic mobile sets, period costumes, all the little details that will take you on a journey! The Grand Carrousel is the setting of this original creation. This oversized theatre, equipped with the biggest stage curtain in the world, is a combination of a charming 17th century theatre, and the immensity of Puy du Fou.

Horses set free

In one of the main scenes of the show, you can admire 3 horses freely galloping across the stage of the Grand Carrousel. This unforgettable moment of grace, in perfect harmony with the music is the result of meticulous work, thanks to our teams of keepers and their close relationship with our horses!

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